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    I’ve been messing around with stethoscopes and noticed with my Littmann lightweight that it’s difficult to auscultate murmurs and hear those deep lung sounds. Since then, I have purchased a Master Cardiology and there is a big difference. The quality of the cardiology is way better than my lightweight Littmann and I am able to auscultate the lower lobes and hear sounds I’ve never been able to fully hear with my other scope. It seems that there is a lot of discussion on which stethoscope someone should get, but I think that nurses should all have at least a cardiology III and up to really hear the lung fields and to better direct patient care. What do you guys think? Perhaps hospitals should provide access to these stethoscopes at the workplace?

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    I haven’t used one right after the other, but my old ADT that was stolen seemed to work well! I have a cardiology III now with the short tubing to ‘improve acoustics’. (Read: puts your face thatmuchcloser to an intoxicated COPDer who hasn’t showered in 2 weeks). I kid, kind of, but I bought it that way to hear better. Just didn’t think of all scenarios I suppose 🙂

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    I got a Littmann Cardiology III right out of University because I lost some of my high-range hearing after I had meningitis. It’s the only scope I’ve been able to hear really well with, other than the “assisted” scopes that are digital and outrageously expensive. I’ve had doctors beg me to borrow it because it’s *so much better* than what they have (or what’s provided on the floor). Thank goodness my husband had my name engraved on it when he bought it and I’ve got a “scope coat” on it that makes it easy to see who’s got it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I literally threaten them that I’ll hunt them down for it if they don’t return it (and they truly believe me!)

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