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    Hi all!
    I need some advice if you don’t mind. I recently moved to a big city from a small town after getting married in April and moving to be with my husband. I got my license in January of 2015 and worked in the NICU from January of 2015 until April of this year. I figured I would no problems finding any kind of nursing job that I wanted…I was sadly mistaken. I’ve been applying since March and I’m still jobless. I loved my NICU babies but I wanted to move away from critical care. Med-Surg is the very last thing I want to do. My ultimate area would be OR or some type of specialty clinic. I’ve interviewed only 4 or 5 times and applied for probably close to 30 jobs. I know it takes time and money to train people and I’m trying to be considerate of that in picking what jobs I apply for and I also don’t want to be miserable. But it seems no one wants to hire me because I have no adult experience but I’ve also even had a hospital tell me even their NICU wasn’t interested because I didn’t have enough experience and I probably don’t for a big city hospital. I just don’t know what else to do and feel like my schooling and little experience I do have are for nothing!! Any advice? Thanks for reading!

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    I suggest taking what you can get. You need more experience under your belt. Get into a hospital that 6oud like to work for, even if it’s med surg and after 6 months to a year, you can start looking to transfer to another unit. In some places, ICU orientation can be 6 months to a year. Sometimes the first month or 2 is just classes. That is probably why your 3 months is not adequate for potential employers.

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    I’ve been a nurse since 2008 and moved from a small town to a big city in 2012. I got a job right away (yay!) but it’s part time. I’ve been applying for full-time jobs all over the place for the past year (once my kids graduated high school) and I’ve scored three (yes, three!) interviews. The best thing I’ve found is to go to job fairs – I’ve interviewed with managers who never saw my resume for jobs I applied to and they were so happy I stopped by. I was given tours of units and introduced to staff… far more than other applicants.

    I am constantly getting postcards for nurse hiring events being held around town for different hospitals. Go to them. If you’re not getting them, call HR at the different hospitals in your area and find out when they’re holding them (unfortunately it’s usually over the summer.) Have someone look over your resume if it’s not up to par. Since it’s a new area, you don’t know if it meets the standard in your new area. Check with the career counselor at your local college.

    Fall is the time for conferences. If there’s one you can go to, Go! Network. You never know who you’ll meet that might be able to help you on your job search. I was at a conference once and someone from another branch of my hospital heard be speak passionately about something, came up to me after the conference, gave me her card, and told me to call her if I ever needed anything or was looking to move. She was the President of Nursing for that location. Funny enough, I start at that location in a couple weeks, but not by contacting her – it was one of my three interviews!

    Don’t get discouraged. Remember that in the big city, you’re now a small fish in a big pond. Take a position that you can get to get your foot in the door. Once you’ve been in your position for 12 months (usually the standard), you can then apply for internal openings within your organization that fit your desire. Or, you may find that you really like what wasn’t your first choice!

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