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    Let me give a little background to this incident. It was 6:05am and the CNA that was currently watching rooms 301-309 was suppose to be off at 6:00am. At 6:05 the CNA that was coming on duty next called in and said they were 1o minutes away. So the CNA that was currently there left and went home since the next shift CNA was almost there and it was past there time to work. Now here comes the twist….. There was a lady in room 304 that really had to go to the bathroom at about 6:06. She waited 5 minutes so from 6:06-6:11 (The time period in which there was no CNA on duty for those rooms) and she decided that if nobody was going to answer her call light that she was going to try and use the bathroom alone. She had a hip replacement a few weeks ago. After about one step she fell and broke her hip again. The CNA that left early was fired for leaving the floor unattended after their scheduled shift. Was this the right to do? Should the charge nurse have been fired for letting the CNA leave? Should the following nurse be fired for not being on time?


    If she asked to go home early and the charge nurse said yes, then it is the responsibility of the charge nurse, or whoever gave her permission to go. If she just left without permission, then she needs to get in trouble, but if she asked and was given permission from the charge nurse, that means the charge nurse is will to take responsibility of the patients, which she has ultimate responsibility over anyway. The only way the leaving CNA should get in trouble is if she left without telling anyone and without getting permission.

    The late CNA should get in trouble for being late, but not for the patient falling and breaking her hip. It is just bad form to be late, and if it is a pattern, it needs to be addressed, but she shouldn’t be punished over something that happened in her abscence, especially since she called and let people know she was running late.

    Ultimately, I think it is the charge nurse or whoever is responsible for letting the first CNA go home early that should be held accountable for this.


    Well this is disturbing I do not believe that only one person is guilty as it is everyone’s responsibility to answer call lights no matter the time of day or shift change. Remember the goal is to take care of the patients they must come first. Falls do happen but in this case everyone working on the floor was negligable for taking their own priorities first and not the patients call light seriously. Sounds like everyone on the floor needs education on providing patient centered care!

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    As always, one can not leave unless properly relieved! I totally agree with the 2 prior comments. Everyone is responsible in answering call lights, this includes the nurse. The CNA that left without being relieved is at fault, with the exception if she had coverage i.e.: the nurse, another CNA. If that was the case then whoever was covering her should be responsible. But like another comment made, the nurse is ultimately responsible. Educate, educate, and educate. Working in a LTC facility, I find myself teaching continuous to new and or green CNA’s. At times they don’t understand some things when it comes to caring for an impaired individual. Education is the key, along with communication! Explain why we need to do what is needed! I could go on and on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 97 total)

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