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    I am a nursing student and I tend to run the other direction when someone mentions a code brown. Does that mean I am going to be a bad nurse?


    Yes (No offense). Nursing is a team sport, if you are one of those nurses who hides when something unpleasant is going on, people are going to notice that and they will NOT appreciate it.

    Get in there and be helpful whenever you can; do NOT hide from the nasty jobs.


    Yes. A good nurse always helps out when the sh** hits the fan, both literally and figuratively. You better get over this now or you are going to be the type of nurse that no one wants to work with.


    Yes. Not every aspect of nursing is pretty. There will be code browns and there will be times where you need to jump right in and help your NAC or another nurse. Nurses are never below helping with these kind of “codes”. It’s not just NAC work. Any medical field career requires teamwork, and especially as you will become a (brand new) nurse, teamwork will be a huge asset and something that you need to get used to now. Don’t be that new nurse that no one wants to work with, and if you haven’t already, consider working as an NAC (even part time) to gain an appreciation for those that constantly deal with the infamous “code brown”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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