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    My question mirrors that of many other new/impending grads, with one big difference. I have already worked IN the hospital setting (as a CNA turned NT) and it’s not for me. There is a standing job offer on my floor for when I graduate in August with my ADN, a rewarding feeling that they have that faith in me.

    Buut… I’m wanting to get my foot in the door with public health, community clinic, migrant health, or some other similar type of setting right off the bat if I can. Looking for any advice I can get on how to go about that. I understand the basics – print a resume, go in person, lobby for it, etc. Any specific ideas or inside knowledge would be great. This doesn’t seem to be a commonly desired entry level field, so there is not a WHOLE lot of information to be had.

    (PS – Yes, I plan on going further with my degree, not sure if acceptance to a BSN or ADN to MSN program would effect employability or not?)


    I’m sure every state has their own rules, but I recently looked at a Dept. of Health, Public Health Nurse position and they required a BSN, although they were willing to accept a brand new BSN and train him/her. I told them I had a BA in zoology, 19 years RN experience, and was the commander of a preventive medicine detachment in the army for two years, and they still said that wasn’t good enough and they would rather have a new grad BSN. If you want to work for the government, you are going to need a BSN or better.

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    Yes, I read your post when searching for this topic before posting my own. Sorry to hear of your troubles with this field. It is certainly frustrating. As they are considered critical shortage in most states, you’d think it’d be easier to break in.

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    I interviewed recently for a public health position at our local health department abd was offered the job but couldnt take it because i was shocked at the pay discrepancy between hispitals and public health positions! I love public health also but am not able or willing to take a 20-25k pay cut for it. Especially not right out of school with loan payments looming. I would have loved the work but couldnt support my family on the salary. A BSN was just preferred but not necessary per the position requirements…Id say be diligent nut expect a pay cut!

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