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    I use an ultrasound machine to start many of my IVs … I’ve seen the near infrared lights to help find veins (pretty cool, but mostly points out superficial veins I can find on my own.) Do nursing schools teach or mention any of the new gadgets during class or clinical? I don’t think I even did a blood sugar until after I was out?

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    I’ve used a bedside ultrasound as well. A bit overkill but it worked for a hard stick.


    If I don’t have to use the ultrasound, I don’t, but ever since Florida cracked down on the prescription drug trade, the demand for heroin has exceeded the supply, so the available heroin is being cut with some nasty stuff, blowing all of their veins (and costing people their limbs or lives.) I would agree that using an ultrasound on a healthy patient is overkill, but with our current population, the lack of viable veins has caused the need for increased ultrasound use to find something deep enough that they haven’t shot up yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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