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    I recently started a new job at a major hospital in the Atlanta area. The unit I mostly work on is technically a med surg unit, but it’s also becoming more of a step down unit. From traumas, surgeries etc. I see lots of terrible things and I feel like it’s starting to affect me personally. Literally, if I see a shooting etc on the news I’m almost guaranteed to have the people on my unit when I go in to work. I’d like to know how some of you cope with seeing such terrible things day in and day out. Any advice is appreciated.


    I wrote a collection of Haiku about all of the terrible things I see in the ER. You need some type of outlet, talking with someone, writing in a journal, whatever it takes to allow you brain to process what you are thinking and feeling. Typically ER nurses just learn, very well, how to bury their feelings deep down, but this just tends to harden our hearts and stain our souls, so finding a healthier way to deal is the key to success, without getting burned out as quickly.


    That use to happen to me as well. I use to work at the only Level 1 trauma center in our region and ultimately everything I saw on the news I just new would end up on our floor. At first I stopped watching the news.

    Like Jason said, you have to find a way to cope with these things in a healthy way or you can face burn out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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