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    katy levon


    I just graduated with my BSN in May 2015 and I have my ACLS, PALS and NRP and I am struggling to find a new grad position. It doesn’t help that I live in San Francisco and the competition for these positions is fierce.

    Since I was unable to get into any new grad positions I want to gain some experience and have received offers at both a SNF facility as well as a correctional facility. Pay is excellent at the correctional facility ($60 an hour) by the way.

    My question is which experience will look better on a resume in order to help me down the line? I am happy for any experience, I just want it to be helpful for me to find a spot as I work my way into acute care.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    Take the SNF job…please! In fact, my first job was at SNF. I know the pay is excellent at the Jail, but realize it’s that high for a good reason! Prisons, jails, juvenile…are all very tough places to work, even for a well seasoned RN. The inmates are always “up” to something and it could be dangerous for you.


    My advice would be to take the job that interests you the most. I disagree with the previous reply. Graduate nurses can DO well in Correctional nursing. I have been in Correctional nursing for the last 8 years of my 25 year career. It’s a special field that allows you to use all your skills on a daily basis and be exposed to all aspects of medicine. Yes the population is different but no different than a night in an ER. As got safety you are safer behind the fence than on the street you know who the bad guys are. YES the pay is GREAT because Correctinal Healthcare knows what nurses are worth. Don’t be jaded by the population you will serve the nicest most expensive SNF can have the worst clientele too.
    Just my two cents good luck in whatever you choose I’m sure you will do well.

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    I agree with Christine. I retired from correctional nursing. I feel that I did much more than I would have done had I been working in a hospital. Go for the correctional nursing position.

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