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    I have been an RN for over 30 years, and I currently work in home care. I also have bipolar disorder, which is very well controlled. Recently I was hospitalized because I was getting suicidal. The day I realized I was in trouble, I called my patient’s mother and asked her to come home. It was a difficult recovery, and I missed 2 months of work. The mom knew I had bipolar disorder (big mistake on my part). My company gave my job away after 2 weeks, even though they held my job in the past when I had surgery and was out for a month. Not nice, but legal. Now I am healthy, and there are open hours on my job. My employer is OK with my return, and I do have a doctor’s note stating I am fit to work. My problem is that the other 3 nurses on my case are telling the mother she should not let me come back. I don’t even know 2 of the nurses, and the third takes daily medication for depression. Keep in mind, I was employee of the month earlier this year, for the entire southwest region of my state. I have NEVER endangered my patient or anyone else for that matter. I am taking issue with my coworkers discussing my personal health information and deciding if I am fit for duty. I have an appointment scheduled with my supervisor next week, but I’m looking for some advice as to what to say. I just want my coworkers to mind their own business and avoid making the work environment hostile. I hadn’t been hospitalized in many years, and even if I was, it doesn’t make me a bad or dangerous nurse. Help me please!

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