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    It’s not easy being perfect … I just make it look that way 😉 I’ve been a nurse for quite a long time now, and thankfully, while I have made mistakes, I have made very few big mistakes. Recently I down triaged a patient with a headache and had him wait in the waiting room, just to turn out he had a brain bleed and ended up getting transported out. Not feeling good about it. What do you do when you make a significant mistake? It’s important to take it seriously and learn from it, but do you dwell on it for a long time?


    You just have to let go, and realize we are not perfect. Most of the time, when we do make a mistake, it ends up okay. Once I had a particularly crazy shift and we were out of telemetry units, so I asked the doc if it was ok to leave my newest admit with out one, I got the ok but forgot to write it….got side tracked. Well, if its not written, its not done. I lost lots of sleep over that one, because, go figure, he ended up having an arrythmia, that would have been detected. He made it, though he did end up in the icu. I was distraught and even debated going into a new career such as Walmart Greeter, but I made it through, and learned a big lesson. Now, I write it down, no matter how inconvenient it is, no matter what is going on at the moment, even if its on my arm, so I’m certain it will make it in the chart. And that is the important thing, learning and coming up with a solution that works for you. Then you have to let it go. Don’t ever forget, but let yourself be human. And not perfect!

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    The thing about making a mistake like that, is you won’t do it again. But sadly, there are plenty of other mistakes to be made. Try to learn not only from your mistakes, but those made by your colleagues as well. Everyone has made mistakes, no matter what they say.

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    Your just human & u just missed a zebra….forgive itself & pray for increased “six sense” for those catching those in the future. We all make mistakes, what happened w/the patient? The delay that happen may not have been as bad a “miss” as u believe maybe the brain bleed wouldn’t have shown up on the CT if the patient hadn’t waited in the waiting room for that time & would have been discharged w/a dx of H/A & them gone home to cont. bleeding in the brain. Just a “what if” thought. Feel better!

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