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    I was injured on the job and ordered not to lift,push or pull more than 10#. I’ve been doing paperwork and not interacting with clients much. Two days ago I was approached my administration to begin working nights as the lone RN in a small mental hospital. There are usually two aides & a LPN working in the med room. I feel this will violate my practice act and put my license in jeopardy. Any suggestions or thoughts? Of course they wait until 1600 on Friday to spring a new schedule on me with this change already on it.


    It may go against your doctor’s order if there is lifting involved in the night shift position, but it has nothing to do with the nurse practice act. My department has a ‘no light duty’ policy, so you can either work or you can’t. Good luck, but as far as I can tell your license isn’t in jeopardy because you are working, unless the job description includes a physical task that you can not perform … if that is the case, remind your boss about any physical limitations you have and make sure they staff accordingly.

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    I agree with John, lol ah I mean Jason. I don’t understand the question really. Is this new job going to make you do something physical that the doc has said you can’t? If so then remind them of your limitations. Or is it you feel you are being asked to do a job you are not qualified to do or feel you have no experience in? In my state (TN) if you are asked to do a job you are not qualified or experienced in and you accept the assignment and something bad happens it is your fault because you should have refused the assignment. If you refuse on these grounds you can be fired but will not lose your license, BUT if you accept the assignment knowing you are not skilled or qualified and something happens you can lose your license as well as your job. And at my facility there is no light duty as well and you just wouldn’t be working until fully cleared by the doc. Hope this helps.


    I believe she means there will be too many patients for her to handle alone. It has nothing to do with her physical ability, it has to do with the ratio. For example it maybe 3 nursing staff to 15 patient and no it’s 1 to 15. Which to me is unacceptable? It doesn’t violate anything if there is no law in your area about ratios (In FL there isn’t) but it could put your license in jeopardy if you make a mistake because of the ratio difference. They should at least be giving you one aid to help facilitate the patients since obviously they can’t help with meds. If I were you I would say something. You shouldn’t be on the unit alone not to mention it could be dangerous.

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