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    Usually the mail man has to worry about dog bites at work, but at home nurses do to.
    I have a dilemma. I love my job. The person I care for, family, hours for my school schedule. The dog is nice, but she bites me. All the time. The young person I care for yells at me that I “need to listen”. I try to push her off me, swat at her and generally get her to stop. He has taken the stance of only positive reinforcement. Which, while I am being bit my mind is not on finding a cookie for the dog. The young man I care for has duchennes and has no learning impairment but “believes every thing on the Internet mentality. His father told me to crate her when she bites or to tell him to hire someone to walk her. It’s been 6 months of getting bit, and I am frustrated. My client does not care that I have personal boundaries and has flat out said I am here today do whatever he wants. Which I retorted that I am here to help you, not a dog nanny or a slave. Technically only paid for his care- I help with the dog out of caring and he can’t afford a dog walker.

    I spoke with his parents again and was told he would be apologetic. He isn’t and when I got bit again today he insisted I need to be retrained or learn not to be afraid.
    How do I move forward? This young man has lost 3 other workers in the last couple of months one directly citing the dog and the other two making up stories and leaving.

    I don’t want to quit or be bit. Help me!
    There is no agency overseeing me to contact btw.


    Report the dog. Dogs that bite are not acceptable, but they will continue to bite until someone does something about it. They may very well fire you for reporting the dog and having it investigated, but I wouldn’t work for people that don’t care that I’m getting bit, and it may help the next person that comes along.


    Crate the dog as soon you get there like the parents say. let it out before you leave.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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