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    Back in 2000 I changed hospitals from one in which the local drug of choice was heroine to one in which the drug of choice was methamphetamine. At the time, I hadn’t seen much in the way of complications from meth, but I knew I was tired of people using heroine because it made for some difficult IV starts, but realistically, they were all pretty mellow people, and a little bit of Narcan would pretty much cure them, for a while. The novelty of methamphetamine quickly wore off, as I realized it made people crazy and mean and there wasn’t anything we could really cure them with, as much of the brain damage was permanent.

    The last couple of years, since Florida has cracked down on the prescription drug abuse, people can ‘t find or afford prescription pain pills anymore, and many of them have switched back to using heroine again … but because the demand is out stripping the supply, they are cutting it with nasty stuff that are causing people to lose limbs and lives.

    I work in an ER, so I see a lot of drug use and abuse, but I haven’t seen PCP in years and cocaine is very rare where I work. What are the drugs of choice in your community?

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    Crystal Meth, (methamphetamine) is popular here in the St. Louis area. It is a very sad addiction. Like you stated the brain damage is permanent and I hate watching those addicted to it. I care for them equally, but It is very sad indeed. Heroine usage is also picking up around here.

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    Mainly meth here in Georgia. But also crack cocaine and Molly. Sum heroin periodically but it comes in waves.

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    I work in WV and the drug(s) of choice here is Percocet, Xanax, and bath salts….

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