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    There is an Ebola panic on FB right now. If a patient at your hospital was diagnosed with Ebola, would you go to work? Would you take care of that patient? How about a new flu strain which was covered by the yearly shot and had a high mortality rate? Would you work during flu season? Smallpox anyone? When the “bad disease” comes around, are you going to huddle down with your family or will you continue to work?

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    Yes, it is what we signed up for. I live in Dallas and we have the first confirmed case of Ebola here. The patient is in isolation with all precautions being taken. It is work as normal.


    Yes, I would work with an Ebola pt. I took an oath when I became a nurse. No different when HIV first showed up back in the 80’s. Use common sense and precautions.

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    Yes I definitely would work. That is the time we are needed most. We should arm ourselves with education about the disease, utilize all precautions as required and walk into work with common sense and a spirit of compassion. I really hate when nurses don’t show up for work during disasters, natural calamities etc. Isn’t that in part why we being paid?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 7 total)

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