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    Just a reminder, I’m an American, which means I only know one language 🙂 Please use English for your posts, as I will not be using online interpreter services to read what you are writing. Non-English posts will be deleted. Muchas Gracias 😉 Jason


    I’m also American. So American in fact my great, great grandfather was one of the founders of Fruit of The Loom. He was a high up executive/ CEO in the textile industry. My family has been blessed to have met many immigrants. I am sorry that copy & paste into Google is too much to meet a good human.

    I’m into nursing to connect with and heal people. Not a single lot of them, all of them. I’m also willing to look past barriers.

    Einstein was an immigrant. What, if we had shunned him?


    Jamie: back up a step please. I was using the stereotypical perception of Americans only knowing one language (A person who knows three languages is trilingual, a person who knows two is bilingual, and a person who knows one language is an American.)

    All of my great grandparents or grandparents were immigrants … I have nothing against them, but yes, it is too much for me to translate foreign texts here. If I can’t read it, there is a good chance that the majority of people here also can not read it, so the poster can use the same google translation tool and convert it to English before posting it here.

    I also do not watch video links which are embedded in a post. Went through a phase in which people would put videos inside their posts, but after following some links to virus sites and having to watch hours of videos to make sure they were appropriate, I have decided that I’m just not going to deal with embedded vids anymore.

    This is the Mighty Nurse forum. The goal is to keep nurses on this site for a good discussion. Sending them to other sites defeats the purpose of trying to keep them here and writing your post in a language most people here will just bypass because they do not understand it is also not conducive to a good dialogue here.

    I know we have plenty of ESL people here, and I have defended them from people who bash them for their poor English skills, but they using the translation service so everyone can read it is more productive than me using it to make sure it is related to the thread and still having it unusable by most other people here.

    Not trying to offend anyone, but my job is to read all of the posts here, and one of my faults is that I only read one language.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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