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    I am in the second semester nursing school. Last week we had a Peds exam a question asked: What is the late ominous sign of ischemia?
    Options were: posturing, pelting, paresthesia and hypo-tension. As soon as I saw the question I knew it was not paresthesia because it is an early sign. I also knew that other options are not part of 5Ps but still picked pelting. As soon as i SUBMITTED THE EXAM, i brought this up to the prof. She said paresthesia is a late sign. I pulled out my book and proved her wrong. She said ” well everyone makes mistakes, I will probably drop it.” Guess what, she didnt drop it and when I tried to talk to her today, she said she doesnt have any time.

    Am I right to be upset with this question? Paresthesia might be the least wrong answer, but it is still wrong. Students will pass this class, thinking it is a late sign. she should have at least clarified it in class. Should I email nursing director or someone else about this? Any similar experiences? Thanks

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