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    I do a lot of research on Factor V Leiden for several years, and it seems my resources are now limited.
    I’m surprised, the number of people who have this genetic disorder which was founded in 1994.
    Many Doctors & even University Hospitals seem to know little of this genetic disorder, which is now a factor with stillborn babies.
    If anyone has any updated information, please let me know any suggestions, who to contact, ect.
    We really need to keep this Factor V Leiden Awareness Alive, as it could affect you as well as your loved one since it’s hereditary.
    Thanks Mighty Nurse for helping me & my group of Factor V Leiden members. ♥


    Hello … I tried to move this post into the Nurse to Nurse advice section of the forum … but I don’t seem to have the power to move from one major section of the forum to another. I think this will get more exposure in the Ask a Nurse/nurse to nurse advice section of the forum, so if you copy and past it there, I will delete this one. I have no problems with you leaving it here … but I don’t think many people come to the suggestions section unless they have something to suggest 😉 Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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