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    I just failed the RN nclex and I’m feeling down and discouraged. how do I move on from here ;(


    Oh dear. First off you did not FAIL you just did not pass this time. You obviously made it through nursing school and now just have this one hurdle to overcome. Study the portions of the NCLEX you scored low in and then review the other sections. Keep your head up and keep positive no drama people around you. You can do this!!!

    P.S. I had to retake the NCLEX multiple times due to different reasons but when I did pass I had an anti-anxiety that I took prn prior to test which really helped with my anxiety during the test. You can do this you did NOT FAIL! Try to stay positive, I am sure it is difficult but you’ve got the smarts now just figure out which right answer is the most right. 🙂

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    I created am account specifically to respond to this. I failed my 1st attempt July 8th. I walked out of there and I just knew it – I could feel myself panicking once I reached 200q… I answered the full 265 questions. It wasn’t until after that I realized that getting 265 meant I was insanely close! Had I stayed calm I could’ve passed. I got my ‘report’ in the email saying I was Near Passing on everything! I take my 2nd test beginning of September…

    My advice.. cry about it if you feel like it. Take some time to relax and then get back to studying. Think about what you need to improve on. Think of the first test as a really expensive practice test. You know what to expect now. Something that helped me was hearing of all the amazing nurses I know and have worked with who failed it multiple times. This test is not indicative of how good of a nurse you’ll be.. it’s just a bump in the road!

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    One of my friends from nursing school had to take the NCLEX 3 times before passing. Don’t despair! Look at it as a bump in the road. My friend is now a successful traveling surgical nurse. It’ll happen!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 25 total)

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