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    Overall, I think I’m a pretty good nurse, but every once in a while I let myself down. Today was a fairly busy day in the ER and one of my patients had a field start IV and needed some IV fluids and IV meds. The fluids were completed while I was at lunch and another nurse converted it to a saline lock for me. She mentioned it had leaked some, but it didn’t really stick in my head. I went in the room to print out some vitals and get her ready for ICU admit and her hand was under the blanket and I didn’t even think to look at the IV. Got her moved to ICU and the IV was pretty much a mess with blood under the tegaderm … sigh. I felt like the bad nurse. Was tempted to offer to stay and start a new IV, but the ER was busier than the ICU was at that time and I needed to get back, but had I taken the time to look, I would have redressed it and tested it out to make sure it was still working, if not, I would have restarted a new one in the ER.

    I know we all make mistakes, but do you come home somedays feeling like you just let your team down or your patients?

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