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    Feeling kinda silly, I was at a public place today with Family enjoying the holiday and happened to have come upon a lady that had fallen out, the police were on the scene just shortly before we got there but weren’t really doing anything so I grabbed my stethoscope that I ALWAYS keep in my car and got out to go help anyway I could, I didn’t really think about it, I just WENT, I told the cops I was nurse and I could try to help. Well the lady was laying on the ground and I immediately started tryin to assess her and take vitals. Her friends said she had been leaning to the left right before she fell over, I had a feeling she had had a stroke but wasn’t for sure. Well I feel silly because I’m a nurse and I didn’t even fully assess her!! I graduated a year ago and I feel like I’ve already forgotten everything! I’m just an Ortho nurse at a clinic so I don’t hardly get to use my “skills”!
    When the ambulance got there they assessed her grip and smile and feet and said she had some left sided weakness and they were gonna have to take her to a stroke center. I should have known that immediately!!! I just feel like I’m not really much of a nurse! I may have credentials but have forgotten my knowledge!!! I just feel silly cuz I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing anymore! I guess I need to go back to school!


    You learn what you need for your current job. You retain what you need for your current job. It has been years since I have worked surgery and I couldn’t even name all of the grabby, pinchy tools I once knew and counted.

    Even if you declared she was having a stroke right away, it wouldn’t have changed anything. There is nothing a nurse with only a stethoscope can do for a person having a stroke, and the paramedic would still have performed the exact same tests he did anyway, even if you told him you thought she was having a stroke.

    I’m a pretty decent ER nurse, but I can’t even spell “OB.” As long as you know what you are doing for your paid job, don’t sweat the other stuff.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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