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    after 5 years as an LPN. Today I finally had to do one of the thiongs I never thought I’d have to. Refuse report and walk off to protect my license. I showed up under the weather to begin with getting over a flu, and they already had call offs, so I tried to be a team player and take an already heavy assignment of 25 Sub-acute patients, most fresh from med surge. When I arrived I found that they were cutting anouther nurse from our unit adding 14 more pts and I had “at least 3 admissions coming”. We have an in house ARNP that treats the facility like its a med surge floor, with round the clock meds, IV’s, labs, and such yet corporate gets away with it being under the “nursing home umbrella”. I can’t provide adaquate care to that many pts with that much aquity and still getting over being sick increases the odds of a mistake. at least 2 people on the assignment take a CNA off the floor for 1:1 due to dementia and fall risk. Just too much… I walked back to the scheduler and told her I can’t do this safely, she called the DON, and she said she wasn’t putting anyone on the floor but if im too sick to work write me in as a call off and put the supervisor on the cart. I am dumbfounded, saddened, and stressed that this is the healthcare we get to provide… but bottomline I could never live with myself if I harmed someone due to a mistake despite what situation I was put in. thanks for letting me vent

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