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    When I entered nursing school it was purely a challenge. 3 generations of women had tried and failed to become nurses. My grandmother, mother, and sister tried to become nurses and failed…all for different reasons. I formulated a plan. I would conquer nursing school and become a nurse midwife. Well I hit the L&D rotation of clinical and hated it. I realized with varying hygiene and loss involved…it wasn’t what I was called to do.
    I conquered nursing school…first woman in my family to be a college graduate and to my surprise. ..I graduated with honors…from nursing school. ..Mrs 2.8 GPA in high school….actually president of the honor society…Wow!
    So now what?
    I did my preceptorship in cardiac care. I liked it and thought…well maybe. I got my first Job In Medsurge like most new grads. The unit was ortho neuro tele peds with a little gyn mixed in….go figure! I learned a lot my first year but the turn over rate for pts was high. That caused a lot of stress and ppw. I often went home worried did I finish this or that …realizing my focus wasn’t on the pt…I brought my concerns to the manager…
    Let’s just say. ..I transferred to the pulmonary renal floor a month later. 2 yrs into my career I was burnt out and stressed…felt like a glorified pill pusher that never had a restful day off. I prayed it would get better but it never did. One day my skills were put to the test when a physician discharged a pt I felt wasn’t ready to go. When I brought my concerns to the d/c doc no response…my charge nurse still no response. My pt wasn’t technically in distress but I knew…He was diaphoretic and not the same…I Called the pre code or PIT… (patient in trouble) team….vitals stable…d/c they said. I called the sw and tries to delay the rehab bed…no luck. As the ambulance arrives to transfer him to rehab…I told my charge nurse I wouldn’t sign off on his d/c… she did…He died on a vent a week later in ICU… He didn’t make it half way to the rehab center. They said he threw a PE. 2 weeks later I put my notice in. I was ok because I charted my tail off but still it didn’t help my pt. My worst fear. I sent him out to die.
    So now what. Had I conquered nursing school for nothing?
    No! I prayed and read up on all scopes of nursing field. All my pts seem to love me….
    I love caring for people…helping them. So many seemed to look me up and send me heartfelt notes and cards…messages in social media. So when I left the hospital I knew I had to find a way to continue nursing on. A friend of mine called me when she learned I had quit med surge. She had been in hospice. I read up on palliative care when my father in law was terminal and in a palliative care wing. The nurses there were fantastic. I thought why not explore this field. 7 months later…
    I have found my calling. I am a home hospice case manager. I hear so many times. ..
    Oh I could never do that…
    Well I can.
    I say goodbye….and yes watch them die.
    Knowing my pts are in a better place is peaceful for me. My spiritual side gives wisdom to loved ones and my size and smile comfort the dying and alone. I am there at their worst and am able to make a difference. I have found my calling.
    What is your calling?
    Have you found your field in nursing yet?
    Do you fit in on your unit?
    Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

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    I’m going through the same kind of thing right now. I dread going to work everyday and need to change something fast. Hopefully I will have so prayers answered here soon. I have yet to find my area of nursing but am still new

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    I’m not a Registered Nurse yet, I graduate in May 2015. But, during one of my senior rotations I was placed in a cardiac/Renal/palliative unit. I have found my calling. I learned so much about fluid balance, electrolytes, and things of that nature that it blows my mind when I look back at it.

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    I knew from the start I wanted ICU. I was fortunate to get a job in an ICU straight after graduation. I have learned so much and I feel I am where I belong. I still leave some days thinking there was something I didn’t do, or chart but all the other nurses assure me they still feel that way sometimes.

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