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    I have just finished my second week of nursing school. Its been great so far, basically we are just going through the beginning stages of nursing; policy and procedures, infection control, vitals, oxygenation, common medications, dosage calculations, strategies and therapies, and relationship and communication techniques. I am hanging in there, trying to keep up with this information overload. I’m the type who is more of a visual and audio learner, and i like to apply and practice, and continue to practice till i get it right. Not the skills, but the theory. I’m not the biggest fan of reading, any advice on how to deal with that? But anyways, i like to take practice test, or do some kind of activity, website, or app to get a better understanding not only from the resources provided from our staff, but also from you folks out there who are going through or have already gone through this wonderful experience i am going through now. Please, if you have Any Suggestions/Tips/Pointers/Advice??? or whatever you think is in my best interest, i am open to all!!!

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    There are a few free quiz apps that you can use from your smart phone that are associated with some textbooks. I used to religiously read the textbook when I first started, but as you progress you will learn that reading absolutely everything is impossible. The apps that I found were associated with both nursing fundamentals and med-surg textbooks and were great to use for practice during “free time”. If you don’t have a smart phone, you may have online resources associated with your textbook (sometimes free, sometimes not) that include videos, quizzes, and Power Point slides.

    If your instructors give permission, recording lectures and listening to them has helped a lot of my classmates. You may also be able to find some pod casts. YouTube usually has some pretty decent videos for instruction and comic relief because you are going to need it after your first care plan!

    Finally, remember that you are a part of a team with your classmates. I am in my final year and they truly have become an incredible support system and my second family. You will find that other people have strengths in some areas that you may not completely grasp and may be able to explain topics in a way that you understand better than a textbook/lecture.

    I hope this helps!


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    You might not feel to nursy right now, but it’s coming I promise. I am almost half way done with my program and I feel like a nurse….I actually enjoy class time now because I can relate it to work I do in clinicals. My best advice to you is study hard in basic nursing because it’s your foundation of care. And remember every class has it’s growing pains…..about 4-6 weeks in your class will have those couple of drama weeks where everyone is tired of seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices…..ride it out its normal.

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