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    Would you rather be called off for your shift or be floated to an unfamiliar floor? Personally, depending on the float floor I would rather miss the pay and stay home lol. I need money as well as anyone, hey the kids gotta eat! but I really feel we should be given the option to float or stay home when our census is low. At my facility we are hardly ever called off, which sucks because we all could use an excused absence once in a while, but what’s worse we are often not only not called off but brought in just so we can float to another floor. I don’t mind so much on a scheduled work night, but when they ask us to sign up for OT or for open needs on the unit and then float us somewhere else it makes me very angry. When I do sign up for OT it is to help my floor out, not to be used as a float nurse throughout the hospital. This practice makes us not sign up for those needs and cuts our floor short when we our census is high, and when I see my fellow co-workers running crazy as I get floated to another floor so they can have less patients than my floor this makes me very upset. Management doesn’t seem to care about how this makes us feel so we end up hurting our own floor by not signing up for OT. So if it were you, would you rather FLOAT? OR Stay at the house?

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    Well, I’m an agency nurse so all we do is float. lolololol But I agree when I’m working at a facility I do not like to float. I like familiar ground. They when I did work at a facility I had to float. I was the main LPN there and the entire staff including other LPNs were under me. And I had to go to other areas if needed to handle what ever issue came along.


    I’ve been treated so badly nearly every time I have been floated to another floor, that I would just as soon stay home. Thankfully ER nurses don’t get floated other than to start IVs or stick a tube in someone, but when I was an ICU nurse, I hated floated to the floor and taking the worst assignment they could come up with. Although I didn’t mind floating to the ER as an ICU nurse, although I got tired of getting bounced around all night long to wherever things were the worst.

    Stay at home for sure on this one.

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    I’d definitely rather stay home. There was a time when our unit floated nurses to Med/Surg and even ER sometimes. The problem is that I work in L&D. I’m sorry, but unless you have a baby inside you, I have no idea what to do with you. Nurses are not interchangeable. I would hate to see a Med/Surg nurse come and deliver a baby on my unit. Fortunately, we don’t float outside our unit anymore.

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