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    When I was in school, some hospitals had “float pools” which were a group of nurses who were not assigned to any particular unit or department, and they would float to wherever there was a need. They were cross-trained to work in the majority of the departments (I don’t think surgery participated and delivery took care of itself also, but mother/baby was open to floats.)

    Ever since getting out of school, people are hired into specific departments, but then floated around for staffing convenience. When I was an ICU nurse, I had to float to Med/surg/peds and I got to float to ER, while some of the others were also trained to float to OB, but there has never been an actual float pool.

    Does anyone still have a float pool?

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    The hospital systems in the area I live have float pools.I was just hired for the float pool for urgent care. The float pool for urgent care is a new thing this particular hospital system is doing.


    We have flex and super flex who have to go wherever needed and those of us that are full time have a regular assigned floor but have to float depending on census


    Yes, the hospital I was work at does have a float pool. Convenient brother all floors when there are call outside or when we are short staffed (Which we usually are) the nurses float to all med surgery units, geriatric psychiatry, and CICU. Each year they are given the opportunity to cross train in another area including Nicu Picu, L&d but the pool is limited for those floors because there are less people crossed trained there – so they usually take care of themselves or collaborate with their sister units

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 11 total)

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