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    Read an article that states your personality is related to your hair color, and even if you dye your hair a different color, your personality will start to change to match the new color. I doubt this was a peer reviewed scientific paper, but out of curiosity … What is your hair color and what type of nursing do you do?

    To start, I have brown hair, with more gray in it every day and I work in the ER.

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    I am a natural red head and work mental health. Some gray at the temples. Have worked almost all areas but mental health is my fave.


    Naturally I have brown…but right now the front is natural and the pony tail is brown with golden highlights. .it hasnt changed my personality though. ..and patients dont treat me any different. …I work home health so my longer term patients notice subtle differences…


    Red head who loves mental health !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 109 total)

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