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    So I just started my ADN program and am going into only my 4th week and I am having major doubts. Ever since highschool I have been so sure I wanted to be a nurse. I always knew I wanted to go and get my bsn and eventually my msn. The thing is I did not realize that it would literally consume every second of my life! I always feel behind, super anxious and stressed, and just not motivated and excited about it. It is weird because I really enjoyed college before this program, I loved all the pre reqs I did to get into this program. Even when I was doing my pre reqs I was able to hold a part time job, keep a work out schedule, and still spend time with friends and family. Now I literally can’t do anything but school. We have nursing fundamentals and pharmocology together and I am having trouble making time to study both. I just had my first test in fundamentals and got an 85 which I was actually dissapointed by because I studied so hard. I am also having trouble figuring out how to study because I felt like I studied all wrong for the first test because it was mainly all application and I am not used to studying like that. Also one of the major dilemmas I am having is looking at the big picture here. I am scared I am going to spend time on this program and fail out later on in the semester or maybe pass the program but fail the NCLEX!! Then I think about once I finally get my RN I don’t want to be stuck as a RN and my next step is to get my BSN. From what I have read though getting your BSN does not really change anything because most can still only do the same work as an RN. Then I will have to go back to get my MSN because I would like to do something in pediatrics or neonates or I have even looked at nurse anethisist. I do not want to be stuck as a bedside nurse for a long time. I just feel like I would be so depressed not doing what my heart really wants but it is going to take A LOT to get there. Also I am only 20, but by the time I get my MSN I will be 25 or older which is around the age I want to have a kid (I am married btw). I just feel depressed thinking of my whole life being consumed by work and school and I want to be able to work but also have plenty of family time so now I second guess my career choice! I feel stuck. To make it even worse my husband just randomly got put on the deployment for next month and he will be gone for 6 months! We are stationed away from family and this is my first year away from them and now all I can think of is being alone for 6 months and alone on all of the holidays. Sorry for the long post but I feel like I needed to vent.

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    There are times in life that we’re being faced with issue like this. But, I tell, you can get through all these and things can be solved easily by taking it easy. Firstly, when problem are analyzed and the causes of such problems are known, the next stage is to proffer the possible solution. All problems can be solve if we prioritized our wants or needs. Being calm first, is what you need. Don’t be depressed, fed up or tensed. You will get over it as times goes on. Just be happy and solve the problem one after the other. You can do it. Yes, you can!!! Cheers!!! I feel you!!!

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