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    I have been a RN for 4 years. I work in a LTC/Skilled Care facility in Illinois. While I was a “go-getter” nursing student my number one goal was to provide everyone who crossed my path with the best care that I could give. Flash-forward 4 years… I still have that #1 goal and give my all everyday. I have become sickened with the way corporate run facilities are cutting staff and budgets to the point where I feel it is becoming dangerous. Our nurse/patient ratio is 1:30-36 due to “low census”. Many of my residents have central lines, IV ABT, surgical wound treatments, GT, diabetes with accuchecks and SS insulin. I’ve attempted to bring my concerns to the DON and administrator and have been told “It’s this way everywhere.” and “If I can’t handle it then I can always move on.” There is more to nursing than passing meds. I am a strong floor nurse but, seriously, there is only so much one person can do in an 8 hour shift. The bottom line is- it is the residents who pay for us to care for them that are being cheated here. Is it really like this everywhere?

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    Sandy Lynn

    Yes, it is like this everywhere. I’ve worked hospitals, LTC’s, nursing homes, and assisted living. It is becoming worse as time goes by. I left the LTC I worked for and, because I said something about the patients being neglected due to lack of staff, I am not eligible for rehire at that particular LTC. Nowadays, it’s shut up and do the best you can, pray it doesn’t cost you your license, and be thankful you have a job. I hate to say it, but this is how it is and it’s only going to get worse.

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    Amen sister !


    As a student nurse that hopes to be a new graduate nurse this December 2014 I feel that it is most important to put the patient as the top priority. Unfortunately, as I have been gaining experience in the healthcare field as an EMT having worked in multiple emergency departments I have started to see the differences in the way some facilities operate and what their priority is. There are a couple of facilities that place the patient as the top priority in my state and they happen to be run by a religious organization. I have been told my numerous patients that the specific hospital is the only that they wish to ever be treated at. I have also had clinical rotations in another hospital that the main priority is monetary gain from patient treatment. Many people in the community communicate very openly that they “hate” the service this hospital/business provides. As for future employment, I have made a list of the hospitals that put patients first.

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