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    0 Hi I’m a new grad en in a major public hospital for 2 mths. Had two days supernumerary. I’m 35 career change.

    i have had a few mistakes. First one was not doing post obs properly that was in my first week. Then after seeing many vac dressings I thought I felt confident in doing one on my own but I chose the wrong dressing. Luckily the dr came to look at the wound and took the dressing down. Third one was removing a skin graft from a forefoot amputation. I looked at it and thought the dressing was still on it. It wasn’t until half way through it was bleeding and I thought I’ve stuffed up. I got called into the office today and I’m on supernumerary for two weeks with some objectives to achieve. I’m so upset with myself. They talk about ask questions and they will help but when I do I feel like they are annoyed at the amount of times I ask questions and think j need to use my brain and try and keep up with the RNs. I’m the only en and have also just completed my IV competency. I work 73hr fortnight. Maybe too much too soon. mow also been told I’m defensive and don’t listen. Oh my goodness I’m always helping others and questioning and cleaning up after others and thought I was getting along with my team but apparently someone doesn’t think so. I also do not think I know everything infact I feel I know nothing and think that I’m such a bad nurse that I shouldn’t be one. I also was told I’m overconfident and too nice. I actual fact I’m rather shy and insecure. I went home after the meeting and not sure how to face tomorrow.

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    Take the feedback and humble yourself. It’s hard but expect to feel inadequate and dumb most days for your first few years of nursing, even if you aren’t a young college grad. Correction isn’t to make you feel badly– it’s what is best for the patient… And meant to help you learn and grow. No one wants to feel dumb or corrected in front of others but start thanking anyone that gives you feedback,whether it is positive or negative. That helps the experienced staff want to help you more and take you under their wing.

    Best of luck!


    I know how you feel. I have been in the same place and honestly needed a person I could go to that wouldn’t be judgemental and would try to help me sort out what to do next. This sounds as if you may need the same thing. You didn’t mention whether you have a mentor or not. That would be an ideal place to start. Sort through what happened including what was said in the office and see how you would be able to make it better next time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. See if there is any way that instead of watching a vac dressing or any special type of dressing being done, have some watch over your procedure and help improve your technique. I know it sounds as if your are returning to school but actually this on the job training which should already have been a first priority of both the staff you are working with and the education department in your hospital. Even after 20 years as a field nursing I am constantly updating my knowledge That why whatever CEU I take involve something to improve or update my knowledge base If something new comes up that isn’t within my usual daily type of procedures I still have to ask for help. After all this is not about me and my dignity or even my ego, it is all about my patient’s safety and well being. I know it has been a couple of week since this incident but I hope I have helped you a little bit.

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    Hi Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear about your difficulties at work. Are you an enrolled nurse working in Australia? Just remember that as an en you a have different scope of practice than the RNs. Does your facility have a procedure book that identifies what ens can do? It sounds like you were dumped in the deep end especially having only 2 days supernumerary/orientation. If you have only started your new career, you will not be as fast as the experienced rns and you will not have the same knowledge base. I hope everything went OK since you had the meeting!

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