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    Hi everybody, hope you are doing well.
    Just wanted to ask my fellow LPN’s who work in home health if they have ever had to deal with difficult families and advice on how to deal/work with them. I work as a pediatric HH LPN although my pt is 18 years of age. I am very close with my pt and he always wants me to work with him rather than other nurses. I would love to work with this pt forever but lately the family is making me want to look for another job. The pt’s mother works but is home most of the time, she is nice enough and appreciates the work the nurses do for her child. On the other hand, the father does not like nurses and is very dismissive/suspicious towards them. Most of the time he does not acknowledge me and whenever he comes home the atmosphere in the house changes for me. I try to stay out of his way altogether and do my best to keep everything clean. The father does not ever speak to me directly and tells other family members to tell me things. He complains about nurses in spanish, not knowing that I can understand spanish very well from living in south florida all my life. I have worked with this pt for 2 years and am very aware of his needs and know how to perform every skill required to provide care. But when I administer feedings or medications, I can feel him staring at me, analyzing my every move. I feel like he is waiting for me to do something wrong so he can tell his wife. I have oriented 6 nurses to fill open shifts, but they turn away EVERY single nurse because she is “not good,” when they are very capable nurses. The director of nursing for my company has also expressed that the family is very difficult to work with, and she commends me for lasting this long. I treat his son very well and give him 100% of my attention. I understand that I am in their home, so it’s there rules. But, it’s really starting to bug me to a point where I don’t acknowledge him as well, and have stopped saying hi. Has anybody else worked with a family like this? If so, how did you deal with them? Thanks a ton. LPNLove.

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