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    Ok so for all the home health Nurses, I wanna know if you like it, love it, hate it and why?? I’m just thinking about going into Home health because I’ve never done HH nursing and I’m an Ortho nurse in an Ortho clinic and I’m not using ANY skills and not learning ANYTHING so I want to know what HH nursing is like. Every HH nurse I’ve ever talked to have all said they all love it but if someone doesnt, I wanna know the perks and downfalls of it. Any advice??

    BJ Smith

    I’ve been a home care nurse for four years. Good points and bad points. I was told in an interview it was MacGyver nursing and that is very true. You have to make due with supplies you have in your car because new patients never have the supplies you need. Flexibility with your schedule is nice, but the trade off is spending an hour or more every evening finishing up your charting. You are on call and could get called out at any time off day or night. I do call for a week at a time every fourth week. I was in the grocery store today and had to take a call from a patient. You do get to have a personal connection with your patients that you don’t get working in a hospital. I have a few patients that I’ve had for over a year and have developed a close relationship. Lots to consider before making that change.

    DJ Cecil

    I agree with everything BJ Smith wrote but will add my take- I’ve been a home health nurse for a little over a year, I was a case manager for about 6 months and then dropped down to PRN while finishing my BSN and then remained PRN. The agency I work for requires we take call (as PRN) one weekend every 6-8 weeks. So, the on call depends on the company. When I was case managing, the same applied in addition to having every Tuesday night as well. I found case management really rewarding as you have your own patients and are able to get to know them and form close relationships, however, bit of advice– if you do this- do not give them your personal phone number. I have seen too many nurses get burned out because of this. You have to keep your boundaries and keep your private life separate. Otherwise, this job can and will become your life.
    Home health is so much more rewarding for me than the hospital, I don’t see myself ever returning to bedside. Good luck!

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    Thank yall so much for the info and help. That is alot to think about. But I know the money and experience would be SO much better and more rewarding than what I’m doing now. I will definitely find out all the policies of this company first before I get into it.
    I just know I love nursing and I want to feel more like an actual nurse and use my skills that I learned in school but I still want to back for my RN SO bad!!
    Thanks Yall!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 11 total)

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