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    When job satisfaction surveys are consistently the LOWEST in the entire hospital and management (middle management) is actually saying “It’s not our fault”, what do we do?
    We’re non-union (no unions around here at all). We’re pushed for fast instead of rewarded for good patient care. Fast times are rewarded while quality patient care is, essentially, punished (because it takes a little longer). We’re told our pre-op interview should take 3 minutes! We work with minimum staffing, insufficient lift help, managers and team leaders don’t help, but sit in their offices handing down edicts.

    Complaints are only anonymous, because anyone who owns a complaint gets fired. (Missouri is a “right to hire – right to fire” state.

    They’re focused on gaining “Magnet” status (which they can’t do until our survey results improve), but actually said, “these results have been low for awhile…it’s not the Director’s fault and it’s not the Team Leaders’ fault”. To me, that translates to “we’re not going to change how we manage (through intimidation and bullying), so you’re going to learn to like it and just BE happier”.

    This fascinates and frustrates me. I can’t get this quote out of my head “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

    It’s been this way for 4 years, and I have seen ZERO improvement….it’s actually worse.

    What do we do?


    LOL … I was going to comment with “The beatings will continue until morale improves,” but you got there already. I feel your pain. One of the reasons I left the OR and went bad to the ER … when it is all about speed and catoring to surgeons demand not to be kept waiting an extra 90 seconds, it is time to leave.

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    I guess I am very fortunate, I have worked in the OR for 24 years, 19 years as a Surgical Tech and 5 as a RN. I work in a small 4 room outpatient surgery center that is attached to a rural hospital, but we are employed by a larger organization. Our leaders take the surveys very seriously. There have been many changes since we opened our doors almost 6 years ago. For the most part all the staff are happy, there are a few, I always refer to a quote I heard many years ago, “you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can not please all the people all the time”. This is so true, we all have our priorities in life. I am just blessed that our leaders listen to our needs as employees. As for the surgeons, we work hard to get our “turn over time” down to a minimum, usually 5 minutes or less. Our surgeons are willing to help us out as much as possible, along with staff. This is where my facility might have a different out look, we are “for profit”, meaning our yearly bonuses depend upon patient and physician satisfaction!

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