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    I was recently terminated from a position at a long term care/rehabilitation facility. It was my first nursing job and I worked there 2 years and 11 months. My termination was brought on by a situation that should have fallen under my CNA’s responsibility, but they decided to just write her up and fire me, since apparently they think I should be following my CNA (who had been a CNA for 6 years) around ensuring that she does her job. (Yes, I do harbor some bitterness about the situation because I feel it was outside of my control given the knowledge I had at the time). I had been looking for a different job prior to this situation, I had not felt secure in my position since a change of management 14 months prior, the director was never pleasant to me and I simply felt unappreciated. She also knew I had been looking for other work and I feel this made a larger target on my back.

    But, regardless of the situation. My confidence has been shaken. I doubt every action I take. I have a black mark on my record. I feel like every application I put out is going straight to the garbage when they see I have been terminated. How do you recover (emotionally & professionally) after being terminated?


    I’ve only been terminated from one nursing job, and it was just a PRN job I had in addition to my full time work. Funny thing is, they hired me back when a full time position opened up. When you write your cover letter to go with your applications and resumes, address briefly that you were terminated, but would like an opportunity to explain the actual situation. Don’t get into the hole story, but let them know you are open to discussing it. You can say something like “not related to direct patient care” or something like that.

    Good luck.

    If you ever want to talk about getting suspending … I have quite a few good stories to tell you … but I don’t recommend you try to beat my record on that one 😉

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    I would not suggest mentioning it in the cover letter as you may not get an interview, also your resume does not have to say you were terminated.
    When you do have an interview, the question will most likely be asked as to why you left your previous position this is where you get to explain yourself. I would also suggest asking for a meeting with your previous employer and asking for feedback on their reasoning for termination. It may give you some clarity, and also help you in future positions. I have no idea what the situation was that lead to your termination and it is possible that your employer had a different story told to them then what your recollection was of the events. You also did not mention if you were given the opportunity to express what happened from your perspective
    Good luck in your future positions and I would also suggest reflecting on your practice, what were the things you did really well? Are there areas where you feel you need more education/experience? Focus on the positive if they employed you for that long and straight out of school you were doing something right remember that

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    I, too, am on the brink of termination. The aides at my facility run the show and do whatever they want. One aide told me “You are nothing but a glorified CNA.” I had heard that is what LVN’s were called but never witnessed it until I became one. I wrote another aide up for insubordination and she told me I couldn’t do that. When I asked her why she told me that they (management) would not do anything about it. Guess what? She is right.

    I seriously doubt very much that you will have any kind of significant trouble getting a new job. I firmly believe that it should be spelled out somewhere in your application , why. Applications usually have a section for this so no need to include in cover letter or on resume.

    I wish you nothing but the very best!

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