How long did you have to wait to take the NCLEX?

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    I graduated on August 2 but July 25 was when endorsements were sent to state and still waiting to take NCLEX!!!! I am so sick of waiting…How long did you guys have to wait to get a test date? I am from South Carolina and I know it’s a state test but GEEZZZ!!!!


    I think it was about a month? before I could take the test, and then another 3 weeks to get the results (or so?). Local hospital had just laid off 200 RNs so finding my first job was a pain since I had so much competition from nurses with more experience. Ended up about 100 miles away.

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    Sue Hansen

    I graduated October 16th and was licensed by November 16th.

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    About a month and a half, but it would have been sooner.

    The City University of New York decided, in their great wisdom, to change the system that students, faculty, etc., use to register, check grades, financial stuff. The beta test crashed and burned, but they went live with it anyway.

    So after we were pinned, did our (school paid) Kaplan review, filled out and notarized our applications to New York State, we waited. And waited. And waited. Because the new, “improved” system wouldn’t allow the nursing faculty to retrieve and print our school records to attach to our applications.

    Once we got our applications to NYS, we got our ATTs in about two days. But by then, most of the dates had been filled by other schools.

    So totally annoying, and now I’m late in starting my job search.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 11 total)

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