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    I’m graduating with my BSN this year, and then my husband and I are moving overseas for his job. I will likely have a job in a U.S.-based family practice, but I doubt I’ll have any exposure to critical care or trauma nursing. My ultimate goal is to get my DNP, and I’m concerned that I won’t be a good candidate with only 9-5 office-based experience. Any advice on keeping up your skills while overseas? I’ll be in Colombia, FYI

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    Since you are a new grad, use every opportunity you have in the family practice setting to learn and practice skills. If some one needs an IV started in the clinic, do it. When a patient comes in who needs transport to an ER, use your assessment skills and provide the highest level of care you can until the patient leaves. Ask the providers to show you interesting things and let you listen to abnormal heart and lung sounds. Read all the EKGs done in the office to see if your interpretation is the same as the Dr. In other words, learn from the situation you are in. I was in a clinic the last three years and we had many transfers to the hospital directly from the clinic. Chest pain, minor trauma, dehydration, vomiting, acute allergic reactions, diabetes ketoacidosis, severe hypoglycemia, etc. After each one of these patients, we discussed what we had done right and what we could do differently next time.
    In addition, you can find a lot of things on line to further your education while you are out of the country, in fact you can take classes on line, get CEUs, etc etc.

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