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    Doug Langley

    Hi, I know there are several routes to become a nurse and curious on feedback on ways to go about becoming a nurse.

    I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice studies. From 2010 to 2013 started a growing interest in the healthcare field volunteering for an ambulance company in my town. I worked simultaneously during that time in the OR and other unit’s in the hospital as an anesthesia tech. Did that for 8 month’s after that did 24 month’s as a psych tech, followed by six month’s working in a group home, a month cleaning surgical equipment, and now back working as a psych tech.

    I will say when I was having a good run as a psych tech for 24 months became complacent really lost site of future career goals. Racked up some debt still paying off that debt, close to $6,000. Anyways laid off from my job kind of been in shambles trying to find work.

    Working part time now as a Tech for decent money, $22 an hour, better than the sister hospital where Tech’s get about $18-$20 an hour. Anyways I also get $2,500 a year for tuition. $5,000 if I work full time, but not sure of will ever happen or can be feasible if I jump into nursing school.

    I don’t have the cash as I said in debt over my ears and kind of wanting to become nurse soon so can help pay the debt and get going with starting a family.

    Getting married next year hopefully next 2 year’s will have a kid.

    Fiance is in LPN school applied for an ADN program waitlisted kind of how it goes in my state where I live. However, trend of hospital’s in my state is to hire BSNs. Hospital I worked at shut down it’s diploma nursing school. However, blocks off spots at its main hospital for employees with the community college near by.

    Anyways hospital working at is only hire BSN for the future and LPN sporadically. Most LPNs work for their VNA service or their outpatient medical clinic’s. So I am debating to go the LPN route, pay be maybe an extra $3-$4 an hour maybe more stability can then sign up for a BSN program.

    Other option is try to work 24 or 36 hour’s balance it out with a BSN program.

    I have zero loans took out maybe $10,000 for my B.S. degree, but paid it off. Basically be banking off of loans, financial aid, and tuition reimbursement to pay for school.

    Any advice on what route to go for?

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    I don’t know what state you’re in, but since you have a bachelor’s degree already, you could apply for an accelerated BSN program at a university and it would only take 24 months to get your bachelor’s in nursing (of course you still have to do the year of prerequisites which I suggest doing at a community college, but since you have a bachelor’s degree you have probably already taken some of the required prereqs). If you need a BSN, this would be the most direct route to go for you with your experience. If you get good grades, with your previous experience I haven’t any doubts that you would get in. Go check out your local universities and community colleges online to see where you should start, talk to advisors and do your fafsa for financial aid (but since you already have a bachelor’s degree, the likelihood of getting grants is nil, but just do it because it takes forever to process).
    My greatest piece of advice, don’t go the LPN route (in the long run it will cost a lot more to get your BSN afterwards, plus it is very difficult to get a job depending on what state you are in, and you will probably make the same amount of money you are making now). Seriously, look for an accelerated BSN program.

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    Doug Langley

    I consider the accelerated program’s, but I need to continue to work. From what I hear accelerated most program’s you can’t or some won’t allow you to work.


    You ha e a BSN, but no nursing school, so I don’t think you can do accelerated. And working is almost impossible while going through nursing school. Sallie Mae will loan money to just about anyone. You could do nursing school with ASN at a community college, then bridge into an accelerated BSN program. You can work during the bridge program. This is what I did. And you may not get a job in hospital with your AS, but you probably can at a nursing home or so place like that. Good luck!

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