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    I have just graduated my LPN program and am looking for work here in CT. It is very hard to find a job here. Unless its LTC. or home health. But I have dreds I need to know if I should cut my dreds or be without a job. Something seems fishy.


    LOL … we were just talking about dreds last night 🙂 I would never tell anyone who put the time and effort into getting dreds to cut them off, but realize that some people are more conservative than others … see the thread about tattoos in nursing. We had one employee come to work with a Mohawk one day. Everyone thought it was cool, but about a month later he was instructed to comb it down while at work. There was a big outcry in support of his hair, and eventually he was informed that he could wear the Mohawk at work if he wanted, but I imagine he would not have been hired in the first place if he showed up to his interview with it.

    Good luck in finding a job. It’s a shame that some people still look at appearance as opposed to qualifications when hiring … but that is just the way things are. My suggestion is to wear them pulled back into a pony tail on your interview, but bring the topic up yourself instead of letting them think the worse without even having the guts to tell you about it. Tell them that you have dreds and ask if that would be a problem. If it is, let them know you would be willing to wear your hair pulled back or to cover it with a surgical cap while on duty. Let them know you are flexible with complying with their dress code.

    It may come to the point in which you decide to cut them off … but I hope not.

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    I think it’s obvious that you want to look professional and that includes your clothing, shoes, handbag (if you’re a female), and hair. Dreds can certainly be professional as long as they are neatly pulled back off your face and of course pulled up when participating in patient care (as I think all long hair should be pulled up while administering patient care – and I have LONG hair). Now, I don’t have dreds but one of my fellow graduates in my RN program does and she received a job offer without any problems and is happily working at a LTC facility. There are always going to be people that find a reason to judge someone else but I don’t think your dreds are going to hinder you. Good luck!

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    The main thing is look professional and clean. Have your fingernails groomed not painted just regular manicured nails and not a ton of make-up. My cousin is a hiring RN manager for Kaiser Permanente in Orange County California and she gave me the run down of what she looks for when I was a new Grad. I understand the frustrations of preciusg but I think it has nothing to do with your locks. I am an LVN and I am in school working on my BSN right now. The thing that I find most difficult about LVN job hunting is acute care mostly wants someone with atleast 1 year experience. I also found the same to be true out here for LTC. Its tough to get a break when noone wants to give it to you. So I went into HomeHealthCare to fill the void while seeking something more suited towards my desired field.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 13 total)

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