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    I just graduated in June as an LPN and passed Nclex in August so i have only had my license for 3 months. I got my first nursing job 7 weeks ago at a family clinic. I just got terminated yesterday for not catching on fast enough. They said they didnt feel like that job was the right fit for me. And the doctor i was working for didnt like me cuz she had very high standards for a new grad! Their training was not consistant either. Nursing school did not teach us how to do referrals and how to schedule appointments and how to send prescriptions over to a pharmacy. In fact in school i was trained in a hospital,not at a clinic so i was in over my head and SO lost!! That was the hardest and most stressful job I have ever had! I was NOT prepared for that!!! I got through nursing school so i know im not stupid but i just find myself very discouraged and questioning my whole career choice!! I LOVE nursing….. thats why I went to school to be a nurse and i have extreme passion and compassion for my patients but i just feel like such a failure!!
    I just dont know where to go from here!! I just want to find a job i can stay at and be happy and FIT IN!!!!! #discouraged nurse

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    A first job in a doctor’s office would have been hard to impossible for a lot of new nurses especially a strict demanding doctor. Dealing with doctors in a hospital is bad enough but you have co workers to help you learn to deal with each personality. You are so right you finished nursing school and passed your exam! Way to go!!! So hit the pavement and not worry about this one incident which you should be singing to the angels thankful you sounded miserable. A job is out there for you stay positive and you will find it. Good luck!

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    My first job as a LPN started out in a nursing home, from that job I learned a lot. I learned compassion, caring and sharing. My patients loved me because I spent time with them to get to know them and they can always sense if you are sincere or not. A doctor’s office is for the more experienced nurses, that are used to a lot of responsibility in a fast paced environment. Don’t give up!!! I have 11 years of nursing home experience, 4 years office nurse experience, 2 years hospice experience and 7 years mental health experience. I said that to say, you learn something from every job. Don’t give up, people need you. “Strive to learn something new everyday”, that’s my strategy and I still do this to this very day!!! Be Blessed!!!

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    Keep plugging along, don’t look back at this experience as a negative. Instead, learn from it and make the changes you feel you need to. This happens in all stages of life and in nursing. I was fired after accidentally breaking HIPPA on FB. I was employed by the hospital for 26 years, 13 of which was as an ER RN. So, see, it happens to all of us. You are just beginning your career, don’t let this one incidence define you. Get up, put your Danskos back on and find your passion.

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