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    Dear HR Professionals:

    I am NOT a “keyword” to be filtered out by your computer software.
    I am NOT a certification.
    The sum of my life experiences CANNOT be condensed into two pages and a pretty introduction letter that is full of BS and designed to say what you WANT to see.
    What I AM is a kind, compassionate person who is filled with a zeal for learning and a zest for life.
    What I AM is the kind of person who cries over a perfect stranger’s bedside because their life ended before it had begun.
    What I AM is teachable, enthusiastic, and will fight for what I think is in the best interests of anyone entrusted to my care.
    But you will never know this about me because you have a blind system of applications which summarily dismisses me because I don’t possess the right acronyms that your computer is filtering for.
    You will never know me because you don’t pick up a phone and speak to me and listen for what is truly important in your blind quest.




    I feel your pain … hugs. I wish HR would get to know the fabulous person you are, but you and I both know that they don’t really care about you as a person. The have a round hole to fill and on paper you look like a square peg. I’m not saying you need to change yourself, but sometimes you just have to ‘game the system.’ Get the certificates they want, address the experiences they are looking for, when in reality your better experiences are in another field, use the keywords from the facilities mission statement, etc.

    I have a thing for nursing hats, so I would give you the job if I could, but those HR types aren’t as easy going as I, so tell them what they want to hear, and save all of your best qualities, the ones that really matter, for your patients.

    Good luck.

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    I feel for you! I’m so sorry you haven’t had better luck! The world needs nurses with the qualifications (not the letters after your title) you listed above. Keep trying. You will get the job you are supposed to have, when You are supposed To have it. You made it this far…don’t give up! Praying for you!


    Frances Marerro,

    I trust you have found gainful employment by this time? I do understand what you mentioned about human resources. I was once told when I was in high school that “it is not what you know but who you know”. I have seen this to be true in many situations. Most of the positions that I have gained in patient care have been because I spoke to a human being directly. Any time I have applied for a position I have always made a conscious attempt to take a tour of the facility, meet some of the employees, and also meet the people that would be in charge or at least have a hand in making hiring decisions.

    Does anyone else happen to have experience in getting through the human resources firewall? Also, what did you do to overcome it?


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