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    I’m very bad a remembering names, not just of my patients, but even people I have known for years. I’m not even that good at remembering faces, but sometimes I’m surprised by what I do remember. Yesterday I had a patient who needed an IV, and she asked if I was going to use the ultrasound on her again. I didn’t remember her name or her face, but when she said that I looked down at her arms and remembered the vein free arms which was quite the challenge to start an IV on, until I was called in with the ultrasound to start one.

    I’ve started Foley caths on people just to find out, after pulling their pants down to set up for the procedure, that I have previously started a Foley here before. Most sadly, I have rolled a patient over to give a suppository and recognized the butt, although I hadn’t recognized the name or face before hand and was able to ask about her grand-kids we had been talking about the last time we were in this situation.

    Are any of you bad with names and faces but good with body parts, or is it just me?

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