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    Hello, everybody!

    I am new here and I need some advice.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree (with double major ) in Sociology and Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Health Education. These don’t seem to be enough to get a job ( I am getting two types of answers when I apply for jobs: “you are overqualified” or “everything is fine but you are not a nurse”. It looks like I need to become a nurse. I am happy to go to school but I am totally lost. I went to quite a few colleges and universities (I am in Northern Illinois) and tried to figure out what to do but I’ve got different answers… some of them don’t make sense for me…

    NIU (Nothern Illinois University) says that in order to be accepted in their nursing program for RN – BS I need to have these:
    Graduation from an accredited school of nursing
    Community College students enrolled in Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Programs will be considered for dual degree admission.
    Admission to NIU as a regular degree seeking student
    Current RN licensure to practice in the state of Illinois
    Employment in nursing in the past five years or evidence of a refresher course
    GPA from a college or university consistent with the standards required by the Nursing Program
    Completion of a goal and expectation statement
    Two letters of recommendation; one from a previous nursing faculty member and one from a nursing supervisor

    Well, I want to become an RN… how can I have the license already??? There must be something I don’t understand about it…
    Then, Illinois University – Medical School recommended their 18 mo Nursing Program. At the end of these 18 mo I would be able to work and pursue my Master’s as a Mental Health Nursing. They require only 5 prerequisites and a certain GPA for this program.

    When I put together the information from these 2 schools (leaving alone the other 3 that I have information from) I don’t understand anything. 🙁
    Would you, please, help me figure out what I need to do to make sure that in 18-14 months I am a nurse?
    Note: I’ve spent most of my life in Europe and I am not familiar with the American education system…

    Thank you in advance!

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    That NIU school you listed is an RN-BSN program, meaning it’s a program for Associates Degree nurses who want a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. It’s for practicing nurses with an RN license already. You need to find either a Traditional or Accelerated BSN program, or even an Associates program (though I’d recommend a BSN; easier to get a job). An Accelerated Program is designed for students with undergrad degrees already (like yourself). You get to skip the bullcrap classes of undergrad, and get right into the nursing classes (Anatomy, Physio, Pharmacology, Patho, etc.) while still getting a BSN. An accelerated program also is using 12 months, but often requires pre-requisites before the actual nursing clinicals that may take a few semesters to complete. You may not be able to get a nursing degree in 18 months. Nursing is a serious academic program, and requires dedication, a lot of studying, and time. Realistically, you should expect 24-36 months.

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    I would recommend you go to BSN also.
    Write a concise essay https://essmart.org/medical-school-essays/, which addresses your prior education and work experience, as well as how you expect the BSN to enhance your professional career goals. If you can, please incorporate the following:
    – Experiences and motivations which have contributed significantly to your decision to pursue the BSN degree
    – Based on your professional experience, specify qualities that you feel are essential to nursing.
    Good luck!

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