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    When the QMM process came out, they assured us that it was to improve processes and would not be used in punitive nature. Nothing further from the truth. People get reprimanded and/or terminated over QMMs. I have filled out very few QMMs in all of my years of nursing, and most of them have been on myself for on the job injury or a med error I made.

    If I see someone doing something wrong, I go tell that person to stop it, and the problem is usually resolved right there. If there actually is a process problem, I will go to the boss and explain how hypothetically something wrong could happen, without throwing someone under the bus in the process.

    Does anyone have a process improvement system which is actually non-punitive and people are not punished if someone else writes them up over something? The system seems self defeating the way it has been implemented and only those people that want to stir the pot use it.

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