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    Hey, I’m new here, but I’m a NZ/UK trained nurse and am looking at moving to the USA with the family, but have no idea what nursing over there is like, although I have worked with a few American nurses in Britain and New Zealand.
    I find them incredibly knowledgeable, and I’m a bit worried I won’t keep up with my American counterparts. I have 20yrs experience, in nearly every setting imaginable, so your thoughts welcome.

    On another note, I just read two books on nursing, which I could relate to as they’re set in the countries I’ve worked.
    ‘Confessions of a male nurse’ and ‘Confessions of a school nurse’ by Michael Alexander. I have absolutely no idea if this style of nurse is the same as goes on in America.

    I’m also curious, do RN’s still do the hands-on stuff, like washing/hygiene stuff and dressings and mobilization etc, or is it delegated to assistants. Am also curious as in the UK I’ve been stuck with up to 10 surgical patients and one assistant whose skills vary.

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