Is nursing school even worth it if you have a criminal record?

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    First let me say that by criminal record I mean 1 misdemeanor charge. Here is the story. I was arrested for shoplifting about 7 months ago. At the time I was an undiagnosed Bipolar and ADHD sufferer and my meds were all out of whack. I was also on ambien for sleep and I think we all know what ambien can do to a person’s brain. So I was severely dissociated and I had ambien head. I plead guilty, paid my fines, and serving court supervision. I really want to go to nursing school but I dont think I could take going through all of that to not even be able to get my liscense in the end. This was one mistake made at a time when my mental health was failing. I am much better now and I know its going to haunt me to a certain extent but I just hope to god it doesn’t screw me out of this. My question is this: Is there even a snowball’s chance in hell that I can even get my liscense now? I live in Illinois. Any advice would be appreciated because if my chances aren’t good then I guess I might as well choose a different career path.

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    Contact your department of Health’s Nursing regulatory body. They’d be the experts! Good luck!

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    You’re “mental health was failing?” Bipolar disorder and ADHD caused you to shoplift? Please. What a cop out. You shoplifted because you’re a thief.

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    You might want to check with the nursing school you’re thinking about applying to and see if you could even get in. My school did a criminal background check and an FBI fingerprint check, and some misdemeanors will keep you from being accepted. We also had to have a doctor do a complete physical and say we were both physically and mentally competent to be a nurse.

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