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    I’m an ADN-RN, and I’m a little worried that sometime before I retire, I will be obsolete and replaced with BSN nurses who have more schooling, and probably better looks than I. Do you feel that the role of the LPN is distinct enough to keep it safe, or do you think LPNs will go the way of the dodo?

    The big push is for every level of nurse to have an additional degree. Bedside nurses are expected to have a BSN. NPs are expected to have a DNP and nurse educators are expected to obtain a doctorate degree also.

    I’ve seen the tide ebb and flow as far as LPNs working in the hospital a couple of times now (I was trained by an LPN in the ER, and she was one of the best ER nurses I have ever worked with), but this time around feels different to me. Is anybody afraid, or will it swing the other way again soon enough?

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    I think most LPN’s are as capable as most of the RN’s I have worked with – as with all levels that are good and bad in each level. Although LPN’s do so much hands on care along with the charting, med’s etc., which makes LPN’s valuable for employers ( less pay – more work) . I have been in the nursing line of work for apx 20 years – as a LPN – I have on several occasions went back to school – life has slowed me down each time – my last stint in school – I had completed most of the course requirements to complete the RN program – and due to family issues, life issues in general I was unable to complete – now at 51 yrs old – I am content where I am as a LPN – I am confident in my skills and knowledge and do not feel at this point in my life I could work and go back to finish the program. It would be great if there was a program where years of service accounted for something and LPN’s could take boards test out to go from LPN to RN, without having to spend extended time in a classroom.

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    I have been lucky enough to work for a hospital my whole 10+ year LpN career and am currently in the process of getting my BSN. I think/hope there will always be a place for us., I just wanted to advance my career in the hospital setting. I never wanted to work LTC. I also don’t think it is feasible to have everyone get their doctorate degrees. It is getting out of hand.


    I sure hope so …as I just graduated in Feb and passed my boards on 1st attempt in March… I am 51 and did this as it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I am not a great student and really have no desire to go back to school,

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