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    Hey all,
    I graduated from nursing school last month and was well on my way to a bright future. I graduated top of my class with a nursing job in hand. Studied for NCLEX for three weeks , took it and failed with 170 questions (Utilized Hurst, Lippincott Prep U, Kaplan and Saunders).

    Upon receiving the devastating news, i drove to the hospital and told the nursing manager what had happened. He was very kind and assured me that everything would be alright. He asked me how long i would have to wait to retest and i let him know and he said it would be no problem. I voiced my concerns about how scared i was to lose my job and he assured me that all would be well and he would ask HR to move my start date.

    Two days later, i get a call from HR and she states that my job offer is rescinded because i did not pass the NCLEX. I was shocked because the manager had just told me i had nothing to worry about. Called him up and he was standoffish and just told me to call him back when i pass my boards (which i will).

    As fate would have it, thirty minutes later, i get a call from another hospital and am scheduled to interview with four different nurse managers in a month.

    I am writing to ask if this is common practice when it comes to job offers for new grads. There was no discussion at any point that if i was unsuccessful in my NCLEX attempt that i would lose my job. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

    Plus any tips for taking the NCLEX a second time around is greatly appreciated. My family relies on me and i have to make it. Thanks to everyone for reading my long post. Have a good one.


    If they knew when your original test was and hired you based on that date, I’m sure they assumed your start work date would be shortly after taking and passing the test. The manager may have liked you well enough to hold the position, but managers don’t have a lot of power in most places, so administration decided to take the offer away. I honestly think it is a reasonable thing for them to do. In my hospital you can quit or they can fire you within 90 days of your start date without cause. After 90 days, they need cause to fire you and you can bring the union into the discussion. Not only didn’t you have the probationary period over, you haven’t even started working there yet, and you don’t even have the license you need for the job you applied for.

    I’m sorry you failed your test and lost your job offer … I would be very upset if it happened to me, but I understand their point of view and do not think it is out of the ordinary for a place to do such a thing.

    Good luck on on your next text. There are already threads about test prep on here so I will let others respond to the last bit of your post.


    Thank you for your response. I guess i never thought of it that way. If i was made aware from the beginning that there was a contingency, then i would have been prepared to lose my job but i was told otherwise. Guess i will have to start looking for jobs at another company. Have a good one.

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