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    I graduate in October and to prep for the NCLEX, was told to take either Kaplan Universities NCLEX review, or Mark Klemic. I’m in Ohio, so not sure if anyone from another state will be able to relate? But if anyone knows pros/cons of either program offered, any insight is appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    I took Kaplan NCLEX-RN review and it was great! I passed the first time. However, I studied a lot in 3 months for hours at a time.
    I went to class twice to make sure I got the answering strategies correctly ‘
    & I understood the kaplan strategies.
    I had a Kaplan study center near by, so I would leave my house and go study at the center for hours as if it was my job… All this with a new baby girl… Who I would leave with my mom. Kaplan guarantees your money back if you fail. I loved kaplan and recommend it because I had a great experience with the company.

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    I took Marks class and it was AMAZING. The light bulb went on and all I could think of was “why don’t they teach it like this in school???” I learned more in those 3 days than I feel like I did during nursing school. He made things so easy to understand.

    Now, with that being said…I took my NCLEX and did not pass the first time. Everyone in my class that has passed stated that most of their questions were somehow related to what he taught in class. However, with the test bank being over 3000 possible questions to chose from, I was unlucky and the questions I did get that were related to what he taught in his class were maybe 5 out of the 75 questions I received. I was really disappointed.

    I will hopefully be taking my boards again next month and I really hope that I have more questions that relate to what he taught in class like the other students said.

    I have seriously thought about trying out Kaplan just to see how different it is from Marks class and to see if it adds any extra help during my studying that I might be missing.

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    KAPLAN focuses on how to approach questions and teaches you how to use the tree. You go to a center for 3 days and do questions using the tree. Klemic focuses on content review. You will get a yellow book which you will fill along and a blue book full of questions and answers. I’d say think about weather you need reinforcement on content areas or need to know how to approach questions. Both programs require extensive studying after the review for a successful outcome. KAPLAN gives you a Qbank of 1000+ questions to complete. They guaranteed money back IF and ONLY you do all they require and fail the first time. I would say if you know anyone who has the Klemic books use them although listening to the lectures puts more understanding to what you are reading. Maybe by this time you have taken your NCLEX since you posted in May. Best wishes and success to you!!

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