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    I was in triage the other day. A female patient in her 30s walked in with her 10year old son. When I questioned what brought her to the ER, she responded ” I have ringing in my ears”. The boy looked at her and said ” go ahead and answered mom”. The mother responded ” it’s not the telephone ringing”.


    While doing conscious sedation on an 8 year old girl., the doctor gave her Ketamine IM for an elbow dislocation. The doctor was ready to reduced the elbow when the little girl tells the doctor ” you have two horns on your head”, are you the devil?

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    One day a saw a child pouring his spare milk into the toilet bowl. I joked and told him “because the toilet bowl drunk milk, it will be fat like you!”

    The kid then said, “I don’t think so. That milk is LOW FAT.”

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    I’m not sure that calling your patient “fat”, as you mentioned in this anecdote, is the best way to build rapport.

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