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    I recently moved to a new state and started at the small community hospital near my home as a med/surg nurse in August. Because I came from home health they oriented me as if I was a new grad so my orientation lasted the full 8 weeks. I have been on my own for 3 weeks now but just got offered my dream position as L&D nurse at a baby friendly hospital that shares my core values about birthing. I am torn as to whether to pursue this position or stay where I am. I know it is a huge cost to train a new nurse and this hospital is already short staffed. Do I wait and hope this L&D position is available in a year or do I jump ship for the better opportunity?

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    You should go and do your dream job. The issues of short staffing are not your issues – that’s not what you’re paid for – that’s what management is paid to worry about. They know there are risks involved when hiring someone new. Don’t even sweat it.

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    I agree – go to your dream job! Look out for number 1 first. It’s great that you care about others and the place where you work, but it’s not your job to solve their problems, and you might feel the same way in a year when they’re still short-staffed. Good luck!

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    I made a similar commitment when I was hired. I stayed and completed my obligation. While what you do is your own business, if you plan to stay in the same healthcare organization, your reputation as a straight-shooter will follow you.

    Something you might like to consider. Go to your manager and explain your dream position has opened. Explain that you understand the time and commitment MedSurg has made to bringing you up to speed to perform in that capacity. Then as you manager what would they recommend. If the manager blesses your transfer–then your integrity remains untarnished.

    However, if you manager encourages you to remain on MedSurg; then ask how long would be ethically appropriate before they might approve a future transfer to your dream job (assuming one is open). If they give you a time frame then ask if they would recommend you transfer at the end of that period. If they agree to a recommendation of transfer, then stay in MedSurg for that period.

    Your reputation and personal loyalty would be enhanced, you would have no pretenses to how long you would need to remain. And most importantly, if management reneges on their recommendation of time, then you are the more honorable of the two and have nothing to lose or be ashamed about when the next good deal opens up.

    – Luis, ICU RN

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