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    I was just fired from my job with no harm to patients.
    1. went to get coffee fro the RN during shift. Many times RCM ext go and get coffee with no problem. RCM and DNS during shift and I did have the RN cover me it was her suggestion. Gone maybe Five , RN stayed d/t an possible admit. LPN complained I did not finished getting report from her (my my bad) all and all it has come down to this. I had one day orientation, come from an organized as they come hospital thinking I could do more for my elderly patients went to a skilled /long term care facility and this is what ended, I was also advocating for residents rights to not be searched when they return from dialysis and cant take their cigarettes off property. Accurding to the OSBN we cant do this. it is not a lock down facility and our job is also patient dignity. If the SBN of Or says I cant and it is out of scope then no.
    this however is not the reasons shoud i not nurse anymore , do I need to shut the heck up and keep my head low and do nothing to help anyone…..or am i in the wrong business.

    Marci ,,LPN
    working on RN
    thanks for the listen

    2 A CNA could not find me when he had a high HR 115 I also took BP 165/85 manual and faxed the MD which never faxed meanwhile VS went down after the pain medication was more active. never did get a fax which I called to let them know the fax i coming ,,,,
    3found on another unit (working sub acute


    Well in Nursing Facilites LTC they definetly eat their own. It seems nurses are out to get everyone in trouble instead of trying to help out and become a team. If only they would realize that working as a team not only helps you out it makes the work load and stress so much better. I have been working LTC for 40 years, it seems it never changes. I have a Assisted Living unit that I am so glad is not like that. We work as a team and it is fabulous. NURSES WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE

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    This happens all day , every day in the LTC. I really can’t tell you why. But, you just hang on in there.
    I worked for 5 years in the county hospital. I’ve worked with many nurses that I didn’t like on a personal level, no I would never have invited them to a party. But, I respected their nursing abilities-and would never have to get them fired. I became tired of working in the hospital and start working in LTC. Damn, what a difference. Nurses in the nursing homes try to get each in trouble or fired. LPNs in the nursing homes don’t stick together. It seems as if each one tries to show the next one up, pointing out small or trivial things to tell the DON. The environment reminds me of high school, if not junior high.
    The county hospital I worked at, I received 5 days orientation in the classroom, and two weeks on the floor. Starting with one patient , then 2 patients, worked my way up to a full patient load. The nursing home I worked at gave 1 day orientation in the classroom, with what seemed like 20 films. The LPN who had to orientate me, had a full load of 30 patients, and she had to orientate me to the paperwork, phone, doctor’s standing orders, all in 8 hours. I missed filling out one spot on the report sheet, two weeks later. Believe me they were ready to write me up- I refused to sign. I told them ,they should have given me a through orientation.


    I have noticed that too about nurses in LTC. We have one nurse that is super lazy but tattles everything little thing, no matter how minute. No one likes working with her and we all know the reason she never gets in trouble. I always help the crew on my unit instead of tattling because I realize we are all a team and need to work together instead of backstabbing. I wish everyone thought like that!!!

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